Chiropractic Services

Barger Chiropractic & Family Health is dedicated to helping patients throughout the Winston-Salem community live a quality and pain-free life. Rather than treating the pain with pharmaceuticals for temporary relief, we offer permanent solutions for your pain issues. We specialize in neck pain, back pain, and headache treatment, but we can also provide you with shingles treatment to help with the pain and discomfort associated with the condition. With our two decades of experience serving the Winston-Salem area, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the specialized treatment you need at an affordable price.

At Barger Chiropractic, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to working by your side to get a full understanding of your personal pain.

This allows us to provide specialized treatment that is focused on your specific needs, rather than some uniform treatment for everyone.

Neck Pain

Barger Chiropractic & Family Health can provide you with solutions for your neck pain issues and offer permanent relief.


Do you suffer from chronic headaches? If you do, you know how unbearably painful they can be. We offer headache treatment to help you solve your problems.

Back Pain and Herniated Discs

Barger Chiropractic & Family Health can help you lead a more comfortable life without back pain. Whether you have a herniated disc or need bulging disc treatment, we can help. We even offer shingles treatment.


To put it simply, subluxation is the misalignment of a bone in the body. When subluxation occurs, you will notice some inflammation and swelling around the affected joints in the body, which results in reduced range of motion.

Eliminating Drugs

Many people take over-the-counter or prescription pain medication for a wide variety of issues, from simple headaches to chronic pain.

Phases of Care

When you start working with a chiropractor at Barger Chiropractic & Family Health, there will be three distinct phases of care you will go through for improved health: