Phases Of Care

An Overall View Of Your Chiropractic Care

When you start working with a chiropractor at Barger Chiropractic & Family Health, there will be three distinct phases of care you will go through for improved health:


Acute Care

During the Acute Care phase, you will undergo an initial examination in which we diagnose any and all problematic areas of the body. From there we will perform any necessary adjustments to alleviate subluxation. We may also incorporate ice therapy and electric muscle stimulation. This will help with both muscle spasms and edema, a condition characterized by excess watery fluid collecting in the cavities or tissues of the body.


Retraining Care

In the Retraining Care phase, we will work on fixing the problem through exercises and stretching, while adjustments and traction may still be necessary in more serious cases. We will also provide you with self-care activities you can do at home. These will assist with spinal function and stabilization. We will also work with you to help you improve biomechanics at home and work.


Maintenance Care/Wellness Care

This final, ongoing phase is where you continue with self-treatment by doing and being your best to prevent relapse and invest in your own health.

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Neck Pain


Back Pain and Herniated Discs


Eliminating Drugs

Phases of Care