Eliminating Drugs

What drugs do

Many people take over-the-counter or prescription pain medication for a wide variety of issues, from simple headaches to chronic pain. Unfortunately, these drugs quite often do more harm than good. All they are really doing is treat the symptom (pain) of an overall larger issue. Not only are you not doing anything to solve your problem by taking pain meds, but you could also be compounding the issues with dependence and other side effects.

What You Should Know About Drugs

No drug is without side effects. You should be aware of your symptoms and trust what your body is telling you about other symptoms that may appear.

Anti-inflammatory drugs such as Aleve, Motrin, and ibuprofen are known to cause stomach ulcers and kidney damage with prolonged use. These are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID).

Pregnant women should not take drugs.

No children any age should take anti-inflammatory drugs; they can suffer from similar stomach and kidney damage.

Infants suffering from colic should be adjusted by a chiropractor.

A child with asthma, constipation, ADHD/ADD, or other issues should see a chiropractor for adjustments rather than taking pills. Schedule an appointment and find out how we can help you get rid of those pill bottles once and for all.

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Eliminating Drugs

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