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I can truly say that Barger is the best chiropractor I’ve ever been treated by, and I’m not just saying that. No doubt, he knows what he is doing.

Caleb Morgan

How wonderful is it to have your chiropractor have his master's degree in nursing? It is a step above from the previous chiropractor I was seeing. I have lower back problems and seems to get worse as I age. Dr. Barger began treating me (I was referred by a wife's co-worker) and I found instant relief. He treated my neck (His phrase, "Getting your head on straight") and a lot of problems I was having seemed to go away almost immediately. We are still working on my lower back but I have see a big improvement in my spinal health. Dr. Barger is an outstanding chiropractor. My wife is even going and she is feeling a rapid improvement. I would highly recommend!!

Larry Bowers

I've been seeing Dr. Barger on and off for years. Always asks the right questions and thorough examinations to make me feel better almost immediately. Recently I visited Barger Chiro for tingling in my left hand, worst when I was trying to sleep. I was 75% better after my first visit! I finally got a good night of rest! Thanks Doc!

Carrinne Shoffner

Back Pain Relief for the Winston-Salem, NC Area

The next best thing to a cure is seeing Dr. Barger.

For 20 years, Barger Chiropractic & Family Health has provided patients throughout the greater Winston-Salem, NC area with first-rate chiropractic services for back pain, bulging disc issues, back and neck pain, and headaches.

We work closely with our patients to get a full understanding of their needs so we can provide them with the specialized level of care they need. If you are tired of depending on pharmaceuticals that only alleviate pain for a limited period of time, come to us for solutions that will address the problem at the root of your pain. 

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Chiropractic Services and More

Dr. Gary Barger has been dedicated to providing quality healthcare and bulging disc treatment to patients since receiving his Associate’s degree in Applied Nursing Science in 1979. 

He is committed to helping people in the Winston-Salem area with the proper chiropractic treatments. Dr. Barger can even provide you with shingles treatment to help with the pain of that disease. Call today to schedule a consultation!

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